Lift Weights and Do Exercise to Restore Youth

As you begin to age, not only do you get wrinkles and fine lines around the face, but the elasticity within your muscles begins to weaken and decrease. This means that your muscles start to sag and it gives the appearance of fats even when there isn’t any. What you can do to avoid this is to start strength training and weightlifting. Many people fear that if women weight lift or go to the gym and use those bulky machines, that they themselves will become bulky and muscular. This is not true.


When women lift weights, what it does is help increase the metabolism so that you burn more fat and it also helps build muscle that will replace fat and give you an overall appearance of looking tight, lean, and toned. You cannot expect to have an athletic looking body if you do not lift weights. Many people rely solely on cardio and hope that this will give them a nice athletic looking body. But in the magazines and all the fitness posters that you see, the women achieve those athletic looking results by lifting weights and doing a series of strength training exercises.

One of the newest and most popular exercise programs of the past few years is called the 21 day fix. One reviewer said that this program has helped her lose 40 pounds in under six months. The program combines a combination of both cardio, fat burning, and weightlifting exercises that are designed to not only target fat, but help you become stronger which in turn makes you leaner. Of all the exercise program reviews that I have read, the 21 day fix is the most comprehensive program because it also includes an in-depth nutrition guide telling you what you should be eating and how much you should be eating each day in order to guarantee weight loss.

If you only exercise, and you do not monitor the amount of calories you are consuming on a daily basis, you will not lose weight. It is shocking for most people how many calories are in small portions of some of our favorite items. You could have a small piece of cake and think that it won’t harm your progress but then discover that one small piece is the equivalent of 400 extra calories. It will take you around 45 minutes of in depth exercise with the 21 day fix program to burn off that one slice of cake. So in following a detailed guide and doing the exercise programs, you will lose weight without fail.