Dancing your way to fitness in 30 minutes a day!

You might be surprised at how many calories you can actually burn by doing activities that you actually enjoy. Dancing is one of those activities. I have a friend who goes out dancing every single weekend but she drinks quite a bit of alcohol to. I always wonder how she is able to maintain her weight while going out to party and country dance twice a week. She tells me, that she dances so much on the dance floor at the nightclub she goes to, that she burns all the calories from the Mojitos or beer that she drinks during the night. I always thought she just had good metabolism until I realized how many calories you can actually burn while dancing.


After investing in a heart rate monitor, I realized that in only 25 minutes of dancing and moving my body to music that I played on my speakers, I was able to burn over 300 cal. Sometimes I have spent nearly 30 minutes on a boring treadmill walking or running and have burned the same amount. What that has taught me, is that exercise and weight loss can actually be enjoyable if you allow yourself to do forms of exercise that are fun. One of my favorite types of dancing is country line dancing or square dancing. That is why I was so happy when I learned that a new country dance program was going to be released. In one Country Heat review – the guide states you will do six different workouts and all of them will help strengthen your body, improve flexibility, and help you burn calories. There are so many fun and cool moves that you can learn during the workouts that not only get your heart rate up so you burn calories, but they are fun moves that you can do at the nightclub with your friends. There are other workout you can do that involve different types of dancing like hip-hop, jazz, and even gospel music. Whatever type of music you enjoy most you should try to incorporate that into your exercise routine.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like working out and I don’t feel like going for a run, so rather then skip exercising altogether, I will play my favorite playlist and dance around the house for 15 minutes. Once I get in the mood to exercise, I will pop on one of my country heat workout dance DVDs and I can burn up to 350 cal in under 28 minutes. You don’t need to suffer in order to lose weight. All you need to do is put on a smile, your favorite workout outfit and enjoy yourself.