Dancing Off the Pounds with Country Music


What do you think of when you hear the word exercise? Most people picture sweating in an uncomfortable room full of people in a sweaty, hot, jam packed gym. Or they picture running down the street where people are looking at them, judging their bodies, and judging how fast they are running through the streets but what about when you think about children should mark as a schoolteacher, I constantly see children returning back from recess drenched in sweat red rosy cheeks. For them, exercise is merely play

Children view exercise as fun. They don’t even know what exercise really means. But they do know that running around, chasing their friends, skipping rope, or playing basketball and other games is just simply fun. Children know something that I don’t have long forgotten. Exercise can actually just be a form of play and entertainment. A lot of adult hate exercise in the idea of moving their bodies because they don’t want to look sweaty or disgusting in front of other people. What if you were able to have fun while exercising just the way that children do? That is the concept of the new exercise and dance program called country heat by autumn.

Autumn is a popular fitness and health expert that has been creating popular DVD and exercise programs with beach body in order to help people lose weight in a fun and entertaining way. Not everyone is a fan of country music, but those who are absolutely love it. Autumn is one of those people who love country music and has designed this Country Heat dance workout program for adults to enjoy dancing and moving their hips country music in order to lose weight and also have fun at the same time. This program is not only designed for advanced exercisers but is actually targeted towards people who want to lose weight and also have a good time. You don’t need any weights or other exercise equipment. All you need is a good attitude, some great workout shoes, and a smile on your face.

Exercise program contains six or seven workout videos that you can follow in order to help increase your heart rate and burn calories while doing a variety of different line dancing and country swing style music dance moves. You will also follow a nutrition plan that will use different containers that will help you understand how much food you should be eating of each food group.  Commit to only three weeks and you will be amazed at how great you will feel and look after following this exercise program!