Going Extreme: 21 Days to a Healthier You

Let’s be real for a minute. How many people make New Years’ Resolutions that are quickly forgotten after February passes.  We start off the month with goals galore – insisting we’ll be skinny and toned, with a hot beach body come July.  But near the end of May, the sun comes out and all those people who have been working hard and lifting weights proudly strut around in their shorts and mini-skirts and the rest of us are swallowing the last bit of our fast food meal thinking “Uh oh, spring is nearly over. Summer has come and I am not ready”!

That’s normal, but it’s not okay because if you don’t start now, you won’t have that body you’ve been dreaming about since last summer.  The time to start is now and it only takes three weeks to get started. But we need a solution, a long-term solution that can provide results before the summer. Luckily, there’s a new program that is designed exclusively to provide you results in 21 days.  Let’s hear it!

The Extreme Workout Program that is Making Waves

Maybe you’ve heard of the 21 day fix program by Autumn Cabrese, popular for the past two years that has made a splash in the weight loss and fitness industry.  Well, the sequel program called the 21 day fix extreme is even better than the original. The workouts are still short and sweet but they are chalk full of hardcore power moves using weights both heavy and light and also using your own body weight to give you a maximum calorie burn.  One of the most prominent 21 day fix extreme review is from blogger Jeanie who has lost 37 pounds since January doing several rounds of the program. Her friend has done the original program but Jeanie advanced to the extreme version and said the following:

“I was looking for a weight loss solution that wouldn’t take hours and hours out of my day – going to the gym, driving there, changing there, finding a free machine, getting home and so forth. That’s just not a possibility for someone with three kids at home, chores to do and dinner to make. The 21 day fix extreme program allowed me to exercise in under 30 minutes a day, and getting more of a workout than I was able to manage in an hour at the gym.  The workouts are intense, short, and effective.  Over 30 pounds later, I look better and feel incredible.

If you can commit to the workouts, all you need to do is focus on following the nutritional guide of the program where you’ll use color coded containers to make sure you’re eating the healthiest foods possible and getting in all your nutrients.  The 21 day fix extreme program covers it all, diet, exercise, nutrition and even strength training. There’s no guess work, no huge time commitment.  All you need is the persistence and patience to dedicate a full three weeks and see how your body will begin to change dramatically. Both pounds and inches will fall off your body, but you need to make the first step and commit to it.