Portion Control Made Easy for Weight Loss

One of the most difficult parts about losing weight is determining how many calories to eat and more so, sticking to the amount that is listed.  You might be able to track calories with your mobile phone or some application on your tablet for a few weeks, but sticking to that and committing to writing down and calculating every ounce of food that goes into your body is exhausting, time consuming and boring.

There needs to be another way to monitor your food intake that is simple and easy to use. The exercise program that has swept the nation over the last few years is called the 21 day fix. What is crucial about this program is that it uses portion control containers that are color coded to teach you about how many calories you should be eating and how big or small of portions you should have depending on which food group.  On this portion control containers guide for the 21 day fix program, you can learn how many servings of vegetables, fruits, carbs, protein and fats you should be getting each day and what exactly a portion of rice should look like.  I will tell you though, that when I saw the yellow container and how small it was, I was shocked. I think I would normally eat a plate of spaghetti about 5 times that size!  But that explains my excess fat.  We eat massive portions of food and even huge portions of healthy food, not realizing that our bodies actually require much less food to function and to have enough energy!

After using the 21 day fix containers that came in my program, I began to realize what exactly constitutes one portion of carbs or proteins and then was able to make more sensible choices on a day to day basis.  I also started tracking my water intake and began drinking more water.  That also helped accelerate my weight loss.

If you combine healthy eating and eating smaller portion sizes with regular exercise and plenty of fluids, you’ll quickly begin to see the results of your effort. Weight loss comes easily to those who work for it and are consistent with their diet and exercise.

You might also like to get some 21 day fix worksheets to help you track your progress and make sure you are following the correct workout schedule so that you don’t miss a workout.  It’s very important to be consistent in order to see the best results possible during your diet and workout routine plans.

So in following these steps, you should be on the right track to weight loss and success..