International Campaign for Dental Health

Living in North America, we take for granted the incredible health care services we have at our disposition. Particularly, if you’re from Canada and have access to free health care and affordable dental care. But many people across the globe have no access to this type of medical service nor are they able to get the supplies needed to care for their own dental health.

This is why it is so important to raise money and awareness to help these countries and provide the information necessary for people to be able to take care of their oral hygiene to avoid losing teeth, having pain in their mouths and gums, and worse, developing a bacterial infection that could spread throughout their body.

We have decided to start a campaign for women across the globe and provide small boxes full of supplies that work as a great starter kit for people to take care of their oral hygiene. We provide silicone tooth brushes that will last for years and are easy to clean, and a small paste that can be mixed with small quantities of water to make a long-lasting toothpaste to clean and brush teeth. It is crucial that these supplies can last for years because otherwise, these women and their families will not be able to maintain their new found healthy routines.

Equally so, it’s important that the education on how exactly to brush their teeth is provided. Gerald Cunningham, has been one of the key donors to this mental health campaign and suggests that with the tools and information provided, a person can change the course of their health history by introducing a regular brushing routine. Cunningham has put a donation box in his dental office and pledged to match whatever his patients donate over the next year to the World Oral Health foundation to help women and children around the globe have better oral hygiene which can increase their quality of life and prevent them from contracting bacterial infections or losing their teeth.

Together, we are able to make a difference in the lives of many if we combine our resources, knowledge and education so that others who are not as fortunate as us will be able to have the same quality of life and same opportunities. Together, we can make a difference.